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who we are

Collision Repair and Painting.

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Our team of Certified Auto Body Repair Technicians have the knowledge, skills and the latest equipment available to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Following the stringent repair requirements set out by vehicle manufacturers is critical to the performance of your vehicles safety systems should it be involved in another collision in the future.

Accurate Equipment

We opt to utilize the Hi-tech Car-o-liner chassis fix gear to realign vehicles with exact accuracy.

Data is moved by a Measuring slide onto the Chassis Machine and delivered through bluetooth back to applications which determines the specific precision of their vehicles chassis, assuring measurements being inside manufacturers specifications.

Spray Painting

Drevil Collision Repairs decide to use Dupont Refinish paint goods as it gives our customers confidence knowing the goods used to fix their vehicle is of the highest quality available on the market.

Drevil Collision Repairs utilize a Dupont colour mixing system capable of creating tens of thousands of color colors of paint. Working from a computer generated color formula.

Frame straightening0%
Dent and scratch removal0%
Window replacement0%

Services We Provide

Your Entire Panel & Paint Wants – Automobile, Truck, MarineHamilton Collision Repairs guarantee.


Certified Automobile Body Repair Technicians.


Certified Automobile Refinish Technicians.


NZTA appointed Light Vehicle Repair Certifier.


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