Best Brake Pad Brands

Brake Pad Brands

Best Brake Pad Brands

Brake pads are one of the essential components in a vehicle. Having a good set of brake pads makes a significant difference between hitting an object and barely missing it. Cheap and generic brands will fade out and make the stopping a car quite hard. If you want to avoid accidents, then there is no need to emphasize on getting good brakes for your vehicles. During a crash, not only must your reflexes be strong but also your vehicle’s machinery parts must be responding well.

Brake Pad Brands

The following are some the best brake pad brands on the market:

Akebono ACT914 ProACT:

The Akebono ACT914 ProACT is one of the best brake pads for trucks. The company has ceramic brakes pads which have high friction, and it works great when it the vehicle is put under pressure. All the cars which require extreme control and handle in critical situations need this kind of brake pads. The Akebono ACT914 ProACT brake pads also have excellent heat resistance and noise vibration harshness cancellation.

StopTech 309.09180 Street:

StopTech manufactures brake pads primarily for racing and heavy-duty vehicles.  The company is known for producing high-performance brake pads. If you happen to be a furiously fast driver and feel that your machines are accustomed to being handled harshly, then it is recommended that you choose the brake pads to form StopTech.

The scorched surface of the pads creates friction even at the finest first run, and it produces no noise, vibrations or harshness. The dusting of the brake is also minimal, and thus your vehicles remain clean.

Wagner Thermo Quiet QC1304:

Wagner Thermo Quiet has advanced technologies and is known for its performance and innovation. They use ThermoQuiet technology for noise-free braking. It also has the OE21 Low Copper technology which provides enhanced stopping power and durability. The design of the pads is done in a way that the heat that is created due to friction is spread evenly and these results in lesser noise, vibration, and harshness.

Raybestos PGD1273C Professional:

The brake pads from Raybestos use semi-metallic, organic and ceramic material which ensures better braking and noise cancellation. You do not need to ram hard on the brakes to make the vehicle stop; the brake pads are designed in such a way that it is highly responsive to the pressure you apply. One does not need to worry about rusting as the attachment plate is made out of steel. The company even has electronic sensors which you can use whenever it is required.

Bosch BC465A QuietCast:

It is one of the most sought out brands for automobile products. They provide the best pads which are durable and long-lasting. They provide a Moulded Shim Technology which ensures that the shim remains adhered through the entire duration of the usage of the pad; this technology also ensures excellent performance in the braking system.

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