Custom Paint Ideas for Cars

Custom Paint Ideas for Cars

Custom Paint Ideas for Cars

Custom Paint jobs need to be done well. An armature paint job would spoil the look of your car and would make people think that getting custom paint on a car is a bad idea. You need to understand which set of colors go well with the other ones.  Prepping a car before the paint job is one of the most important aspects of custom paint jobs. If it is not done correctly, then the paint will not stick to the vehicle, and there are chances of it to flake off. But if you manage to mix the right set of colors and prep the car correctly then your vehicle will look great.

Custom Paint Ideas for Cars

The following are some of the Custom Paint ideas for Cars:

  • Two-Tone Paint with Hard Lines.
  • Two Tone fade.
  • Pearls.

Two-Tone Paint with Hard Lines:

The Two-Tone Paint strategy has been there for a long period. It is not expensive, but still, you get the joy of having your car getting a custom paint. The two-tone jobs are made up of one solid tone at the top of the vehicle and another solid neutral color at the lower portion of the car. You can also be more imaginative and have multiple colors for the top and a solid shade for the lower part.

The part of the car where both the tones meet needs to be given more attention. You can add a pinstripe on top of the joining lines, or you can add a small third stripe on top of the two colors. You can also include a simple design at the corner, to improve the looks of the vehicle.

Two Tone fade:

The two-tone fade custom paint idea was quite popular in the 90’s. The painting is started from the top of the car and is done till two-thirds of the vehicle. The bottom of the car is finished with a different tone. The two-tone fade is pretty much the same as Two-Tone Paint with Hard Lines, but the difference is that there are no lines to separate the two colors that are painted on the car. The two tones on the vehicles are blended to make a fuzzy line around the car. You can also add a third color to the faded area to make it stand out.


If your car happens to have a solid shade, then a pearl paint can be used on top of the solid color to give it a different tone. The idea behind this is that your car will look as if it is painted in one shade but when it is exposed at a particular angle of light the color of the pearl paint shows up. You can use various sets of combinations to make your car stand out. The pearl paint gives your vehicle that extra shine and glow.


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