How do you Fix Hail Damage on a Car?

Fix Hail Damage on a Car

How do you Fix Hail Damage on a Car?

Unexpected hail storms can wreak your cars and leave dents on its surface. Removing such scratches and bringing your vehicle back to normal can cost you a lot of money if you take it to a professional auto repair shop. There are many ways to fix such dents all by you.

Fix Hail Damage on a Car

The following are some of the ways to fix your hail damaged car:

Expose the car to sunlight:

If you happen to live in a region which has plenty of sunshine, then you can park your car in the sunlight. The concept behind this is that heating brings about expansion, so when your vehicle is exposed to the heat from the rays of the sun, the dents expands and even out. The longer you expose your car to the sun, the better results you will get. But you need to be careful with other potential damage that can be caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Use Hair Dryer to produce heat:

Not all of us have the joy of having sunshine all through the day. If you live in an area which does not receive much sunlight, then you can artificially produce hear by using a hair dryer to create the expansion to even out the dent. Make sure that there is some space between the hair dryer and indentation in your car.

Using dry ice:

You can also use dry ice to even out the dent. Place some dry ice over the damaged area and once the frost has accumulated over, use a hair dryer to remove the dry ice from the cuts. Dry ice can harm your hands, so wear gloves to protect your hands.

Dent removing kits:

If you frequently get hail storms in your area and you keep getting dents on your car, you can consider buying a dent removal kit which will help you to remove the cuts. Tools like a dent puller use suction techniques to remove the scratches. These instruments are usually cheap, and you can get them at the local auto part store.

Professional help:

If your car is beyond help, then you got to take it to a professional auto repair shop to get it fixed. Make sure that you try out all the possible things to fix the damage, but if you feel that your vehicle has been damaged a lot that you can’t manually fix it, then it is best to take it to an auto repair shop to get your car fixed.

Many people face these issues, and it is a great pain to remove the dents from your car. So, one of the best things you could do is to prevent the damage before it can happen. Make sure that you always park your car in your car shed or a place which has proper covering so that the hail storms do not damage your vehicle.

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