Keep these things in mind to protect the car from spoiling from the rain!

Keep these things in mind to protect the car from spoiling from the rain!

Take special care of Tires in rain: Slow down on the wet roads in the rain. Many times oil and other things flew on the road which may cause slipping and accident. In such a case, due to the old worn tires, the cars can slip on the road and cause the accident. Therefore it is necessary to change the tires before the rainy season. Many tires come with a tread-wear indicator, which appears on the tire rubbing. So if your car is showing it then change the tire soon. 

  • Please pay attention to the battery: In the rainy season, it is necessary that the vehicle has a proper insulation of the wires in it. Keep in mind that your car’s battery needs to be checked from time to time, always make sure that its terminal and lead must be in good condition. During the rain, the battery has to work a lot due to headlamps, wiper etc. Hence it is important to take care of the battery and check it timely. 
  • Check lights: Visibility is quite low during the rain. Therefore it is necessary to use the lights while driving on the road. Before the rainy season, make sure that your car’s headlights (low beam, high beam), brake light and indicator are working properly. If you think there is a fault in any light, then get it fixed immediately. Lights too often do not work properly because of battery failure. In such a situation, it is necessary to have both batteries and lights checked. Also, keep the car’s headlights and tail-lamps clean to keep their brightness as new.
  • Check the brakes properly before the trip: The most important thing for a road running vehicle is the braking system. They become more necessary in the rainy season. If you feel that your vehicle is being leaking brake fluid, then fix it immediately. Disk brake units are costly but there is nothing precious to live. Also, replace the discontinued brake paddles. There is a fear of sliding feet from the strapped pedal, which can be dangerous in terms of security. Always keep this in your mind that life is everything. 
  • Keep the windscreen clean: Clear windscreen gives you a clear look. Many times the windscreen is covered due to dust and the outside sight is not clear. Also, the windscreen is covered with heavy water in heavy rain. So use a good quality Replant on the windscreen. This will not add anything to the windscreen and your view will not be blocked. Visibility is necessary for rain to avoid accidents.
  • Keep the Viper in good condition: In the Monsoon, the wiper becomes very necessary. Deposited water on the windscreen will not let you drive without getting removed with wiper. It is, therefore, necessary to check the wiper blades before the rain arrives. Many times, wiper blades are used without the use of water and get damaged which creates issues in rainy season or while raining. 

These things are important to be checked before the rainy season starts because “prevention is better than cure”.

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